Friday, June 18, 2010

Colton sharing Jesus

Sorry I have not blogged lately. I have been very busy with school. School is great, a lot of work; but I am learning a ton about how great our God is. I have had many cool encounters with people lately. But tonight I want to share what my five year old son Colton did. I was doing some yard work, and the boys were playing in the front yard. Colton came up to me and told me he wanted to go down the street and tell a man who was also outside doing yard work about Jesus. I told him he could; hard to say no to that. He rode his bike down the street, got off of his bike, and walked right up to him. With no tract or anything, he told him about Jesus. The man listened and then sent Colton back home. Colton came home and told me he wanted to tell someone else. He asked me where he should go next. I told him to go where the Lord leads. He thought about it for a minute, then went down the street in the opposite direction. He rode his bike, got off, and marched right up to a man standing by his truck. Colton told him about Jesus. The man was a believer; and after a long conversation with Colton, he came over to talk to me. The man told me he was so impressed with Colton he told his wife and kids about him. Colton then walked up to a couple that was out for a walk. He asked them if they knew Jesus. When Colton came back, I gave him a tract for him to give to the next person. Colton went to the end of the street, knowing he cannot cross the street. He stood on the corner waving the tract in the air and telling a man on the other side to believe in Jesus. As it was getting dark, I told him we had to go in. He was sad because he wanted to tell more people about Jesus. I told him he could do it every day for the rest of his life if he wants to. As we were walking in, I asked him why he wanted to tell people about Jesus tonight. He said simply, "Because I love Jesus." I am thankful for Colton, and I pray that he will be used in a mighty way by God. Because I was so proud of him, I let him have ice cream, cookies, and a Sprite before bed. I hope you were blessed reading this; I know I was blessed as I watched my son go up and down the street sharing Jesus.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 12-22

Here is a brief update on some of the conversations I have had with people during the past eleven days. God has been good to me, and I have had some really good talks with many people. Some were lost (in my opinion), and some were saved. For someone to be saved, they must put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ as their Savior. I would consider a person lost if they reject the Good News and do not care or if a person puts their trust in works rather than Christ. For an example, if a person says they are going to heaven because they are a good father, they run an honest business, or they always do good, I would assume (Only God knows their heart.) they are lost because their trust is in what they can do, not in what Christ has already done for them on the cross.
So, here is the update. I have talked to eight people who were lost and five people who were saved. Six out of the eight people who I believe were lost all based salvation on their works, being a good person. Three of these people who believe salvation is through works go to a church in the area. All of these were nice and listened. Please pray for salvation; pray that they would see their need for Jesus and that they will realize they will never be good enough to save themselves. I talked to five believers; all of them seemed to really love the Lord and really wanted to live for Him. It always amazes me that I can walk up to a total stranger and within minutes after finding out that we are both believers we are hugging each other, laughing, praying, and encouraging one another. There is something special about being in the same family, the family of God. Praise God for everything He does and everything He is going to do in our lives. God bless you as you go through your week. Keep your eyes open. God may have someone He wants you to love on this week.

Monday, May 17, 2010

5-16-10 10:30PM

I had an incredible talk with a young man last night. I spent about an hour and fifteen minutes sharing with this young man, who is about 25. He was a believer, but just a baby Christian. Several times in our conversation I told him I would let him go so he could go home or wherever he was going. But he did not want me to go. He just kept asking me questions about church, how to witness, angels, heaven and all kinds of stuff. He kept asking me to teach him something. So, we stood in the Valero parking lot until almost midnight talking about Jesus and the urgency to live for Him. He is in a band and lives with four other guys. He said only one is saved, but the rest are open. I told him I would be happy to do some Bible studies with them, and he thought that would be great. He said he was encouraged and inspired by our talk. He said he was going to call all his friends as soon as our conversation ended so he could share with them everything we had talked about. I was also encouraged that this may be one of my first real chances to get into a home and really teach some people the Word of God as a result of street witnessing. He told me he was going to talk to his friends about setting up a time I could come over. His name is Ricky, and he seems like he really wants to learn and grow. Please pray that Ricky calls me and that God would bind Satan so there will not be any obstacles to prevent me from starting this Bible study with these young men. He also said he would call me about going to church with me. Currently he is not going to church. That was one of his questions he asked me about earlier in the conversation, if it was O.K. that he didn't go to church. We had a great talk, and I hope and pray that the Lord will give me a greater opportunity to meet with all of them and spend time each week with them. God is so good. I had a very busy day, and this was the only time I could have gone out to witness. And this is who the Lord led me to. Praise God that He is in control every minute of every day. I will update you on this as soon as I find out more.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

5-13-10 around 9PM

Tonight after doing some school, I went to the RaceWay gas station. The first person I talked to was a Muslim. He based his salvation on works and hoped his good deeds out weigh the bad in the end. He was raised going to a Catholic church but left because he felt that the church was more like a business rather than a church. We had a long talk about how Jesus is God but he rejected Him. He feels that we are all the same and have the same God and all will go to heaven. I shared with him that he needed to trust Jesus as his Savior so that his sins could be forgiven, which his religion does not offer. After that I talked to a young Hispanic around 25 years old. He also put his trust in his works to save him. He hoped he was going heaven when he died. He said he had never heard of Moses or the ten commandments before. I shared these commandments with him and how everybody has broken them. I told him about Jesus but he said he had to go and would not talk any longer. I prayed for them as I drove home. May God save them.

5-12-10 at 6:15PM

After visiting someone in the hospital, I went to a Kroger's gas station. I was wondering if the Lord had someone there He wanted me to talk to before picking up my daughter at gymnastics. As I drove in I immediately saw a 25 year old man with tattoo's and his ears pierced. I was led to him. He told me he was good man and that he was going to heaven but he based it all off of works. He believed in a higher power and called himself a "naturist". He believed that Christianity was a cult. I asked him if he had ever sinned and he said yes. I asked him how his sins were going to be taken away so he could stand pure before "his" god. He could not answer any of my questions regarding how his sins were going to be taken away. I shared with him how the Bible is true and how Jesus defeated sin on the cross and that He is the only way for salvation. Also, I warned him of what would happen to his soul if he does not trust Christ as Savior. He thanked me and we shook hands. I think the issue of sin really made him think. May we all pray that he would get saved.