Thursday, May 13, 2010

5-12-10 at 6:15PM

After visiting someone in the hospital, I went to a Kroger's gas station. I was wondering if the Lord had someone there He wanted me to talk to before picking up my daughter at gymnastics. As I drove in I immediately saw a 25 year old man with tattoo's and his ears pierced. I was led to him. He told me he was good man and that he was going to heaven but he based it all off of works. He believed in a higher power and called himself a "naturist". He believed that Christianity was a cult. I asked him if he had ever sinned and he said yes. I asked him how his sins were going to be taken away so he could stand pure before "his" god. He could not answer any of my questions regarding how his sins were going to be taken away. I shared with him how the Bible is true and how Jesus defeated sin on the cross and that He is the only way for salvation. Also, I warned him of what would happen to his soul if he does not trust Christ as Savior. He thanked me and we shook hands. I think the issue of sin really made him think. May we all pray that he would get saved.